Mystery Mixed Bags
Mystery Mixed Bags
Mystery Mixed Bags
Mystery Mixed Bags
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Mystery Mixed Bags

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A grab bag of slightly less-than-perfect Sloe Gin Fizz treats at a great discount! Each bag is filled to the brim with a mix of slightly less-than-perfect items, including prints, greeting cards, stickers, notepads and magnets.

I quality-check my products extensively throughout the packaging process and set aside items that are in good condition, but not perfect enough to sell at full price or send out to my retailers. Often the imperfections are barely noticeable and the items are still completely usable. Products may have small flaws such as random spots and color shifts that occur naturally in paper, very slightly dinged corners, tiny missing ink spots, etc.

I love to pack my mystery bags with treats well beyond the advertised minimum contents: So much so, that I've often run up against the First Class packages weight limits for shipping. Therefore, I am once again offering two options: under a pound and over a pound. If you select over a pound, I can jam-pack it to my heart's delight. (And yours, too!)

Under one pound*
For $25 you will receive at least:
3 prints, 3 greeting cards, 2 stickers

Over a pound*
For $40 you will receive at least:
5 prints, 6 greeting cards, 2 stickers

These will be shipped all in one clear plastic sleeve and backing board, not individually backed and sleeved.

Why not surprise a friend and brighten their day — at that time of year when we all need it the most — and ship a mystery bag right to their snow-covered doorstep?!

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